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Moments of Clarity 1-4

The following pieces work with language from the book Moments of Clarity: Daily Affirmations from Dr. Holly by Holly Hatcher-Frazier (best known as the voice of reason on the reality show Dance Moms). I’ve been wanting to work with this text for some time. This set originated from exercises in Lauren Russell’s poetry workshop. More to come.


Worms are important and powerful. Be careful with the worms you choose. Worms can be used as weapons and worms can comfort. Take responsibility for the worms that you use. Think about your worm choice. Do not be impulsive with your worms. Worms survive.


Words! Illness and pox. Be carsick with the words you chuck. Words can be upheaved as wetness and words can common cold. Take rest for the words that you upheave. Thank your word chuck. Do not be immunodeficient with your words. Once a word is spumed you cannot talc it back. Words swell long after they are soaking.


I’m gay and powerfuck. Be cartouche bag. Weanus and comfart. Do not be impussible. A word is spoogami; you cannot take it backwards. Words survivor’s guilt long after they are spokescunt.