Reading in Chicago R 1.14

I’ll be reading new work at the next LIES! Fiction Reading Series on Thursday, with Bette Adriaanse, Brooks Sterritt, Naomi Huffman, and James Tadd Adcox.

8pm | Cafe Mustache | 2313 N Milwaukee Ave | Chicago

Bette Adriaanse is a writer and a visual artist. She was born in Amsterdam in 1984. Bette graduated from the Image & Language department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2008 and has received her Masters in Creative Writing from Oxford University in 2010. She has published fiction in magazines for literature and philosophy, and exhibits her visual work internationally. Rus Like Everyone Else is her first novel.

“Adriaanse has created something quite extraordinary. Drawing on the best European traditions of the fabulous and the absurd, she has invented a shimmering narrative world which is entirely her own – hallucinatory, dream-like and utterly real.” -Jane Draycott, author of The Night Tree

Megan Milks is a fiction writer and cultural critic. Grounded in avant-pop aesthetics, their fiction investigates the relationships between form, agency, identity, and the body. Milks’s first collection of short fiction, Kill Marguerite and Other Stories, was published by Emergency Press in March 2014, and their second chapbook Twins was released by Birds of Lace in 2012.

“These are genderqueer girl stories of the most awesome kind, taking the basic narrative of boys, youth, sex and identity, scrambling them with their influences (pop music, porn, sexual fantasy, teen magazines and books, even video games), and then destroying them in gory pornographic explosions.” -HTMLGIANT

Writing by Brooks Sterritt appears or will appear in The Believer, Subtropics, Salt Hill, Denver Quarterly, The Southeast Review, and elsewhere. He lives in Chicago.

Naomi Huffman is the editor-in-chief at Curbside Splendor and the managing editor at featherproof books. She co-hosts The Marrow, a monthly nonfiction reading, and the fiction reading series Lies. Her essays, book reviews, and interviews have been published in the Chicago Tribune, Newcity, Bookslut, and elsewhere.

James Tadd Adcox is the author of a novel, Does Not Love, and a collection of short fiction, The Map of the System of Human Knowledge. He lives in Chicago.

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